Ffotogallery Introduction to Photography…

In May I had the pleasure of joining a group of people for the Ffotogallery Introduction to Photography: 1  in Cardiff, run by the amazing Sarah Hayton.

For ten weeks, we all met up every Wednesday in Chapter Arts in Canton where Sarah discussed manual settings in turn and how to use them to get good results. She made us think about our individual styles and really focus on what inspires us, whether in our work or outside of it. What music we like, what smells evoke fond memories, colours, times of year and what other artists inspire us. Sarah tried to make us forget about the stereotypical photography ‘rules’ and think outside the box. Each week Sarah set a practical project which encouraged us to get out there with our cameras.

Next Wednesday, I will join many of the same photographers to begin Introduction to Photography: 2, but in the meantime I wanted to share some images from the first course, starting with the first project…Portrait of a place.

‘Portrait of a place’ asked us to think about what we wanted to ‘say’ with our cameras, to pick a place and take a series of photographs which said something specific about that place.

I choose Penygroes Concrete Works, a small family owned and run plant in west Wales. I really wanted to get across all the different textures…









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