I studied architecture at the University of Strathclyde andand after working as an architectural graduate for a few years I now work in Urban Design. I’ve always been indecisive when it came to my career path, by my need to do something creative has always stayed constant as has my love of photography.

I have an amazing husband to be called Rhodri who also studied architecture and makes me milky coffee every night before bed. We’ve recently moved house to a gorgeous sleepy village and you can usually find me scouring Pinterest for décor inspiration. I love instant photos, buildings, I have an obsession with straight lines.


My husband to be, Rhodri. He loves playing guitar and goofing around and I love him for that. Stripes. Only ever black and white. Polish pottery. Especially if it has stars on it! Unfortunately (well fortunately for my purse) it seems pretty hard to come by. Road trips to anywhere. Terry’s chocolate orange. Straight from the fridge. Dogs, and we’d have one if we could decide/agree on a breed. Cake, specifically coffee and tia maria – my Sunday morning breakfast of choice. The latte that goes with it. An old BRAND camera which was given to me by a family friend. Minions. Seriously, Despicable Me 1 and 2 make up for how rubbish kids TV is now. Cars. Lamborghini please, or anything that looks like it may secretly be a transformer. Pinterest. It has a lot to answer for. Our bank balance agrees.


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